Pay Online with Sumup



To make a payment...

Scan the QR Code with your phone or just click on the Scan to pay logo

This will take you to the online payment page ( A new tab will open )

Enter the amount you need to pay

Follow the instructions.

We suggest you "pay as guest" there is no app to download unless you want to use the Sumup app on a regular basis.


When payment has been successful you will get a big tick on your screen with a code below it

Please either screenshot the page and send it to us at  FOXCARS@OUTLOOK.COM  or copy the code into the box below, enter your details and click submit so we can tie up your payment with your bookings.




We can only email you back with confirmation that payment has been received if you complete the form below.

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Please ensure your enter correct code, email and contact number so we can Reconcile payments with the booking made.

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